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Gamma Camera in India

The Gamma camera is a piece of medical equipment that is capable of detecting gamma radiation. The radiation can be recorded on film or displayed on a monitor. Gamma Camera is used in medical imaging studies that are designed to show doctors what is happening inside a patient's body. Such procedures are minimally invasive treatments.

How does Gamma Camera Works

For an imaging study with a gamma camera, a patient ingests or inhales a tracer material that emits gamma radiation. The tracer can also be injected. It may include a substance that is designed to tag particular types of tissue in the body, or it can be introduced to a specific region of interest, such as the heart or the lungs. The gamma camera is positioned over the patient and as the tracer material travels through the body and emits radiation, the camera picks it up.


Types of Gamma Cameras and Their Clinical Uses

The most common type of gamma camera is the Single-headed system. It consists of a gamma camera detector mounted on a gantry that allows the camera head to be positioned in a flexible way over different regions of the patient's body. Often, a moving bed is incorporated to permit imaging studies of the whole body. The gamma camera head often is mounted on a rotating gantry, allowing it to take multiple views around the patient.

This feature also is necessary for producing tomographic images, or cross-sectional images through the body Dual-headed gamma cameras are becoming increasingly popular. In these systems, two gamma camera heads are mounted onto the gantry. Usually, the two heads can be positioned at a variety of locations on the circular gantry. An obvious advantage of a dual-headed camera is that two different views of the patient can be seen.

What are gamma rays used for

Gamma rays have many different applications. They are used to kill and/or treat certain types of cancers, detect brain and heart abnormalities and played a role in the development








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Nuclear Medicine for Cancer Treatment in India, Gamma Camera in India   Nuclear Medicine for Cancer Treatment in India, Gamma Camera in India
Nuclear Medicine for Cancer Treatment in India, Gamma Camera in India   Nuclear Medicine for Cancer Treatment in India, Gamma Camera in India


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