DTPA Scan for Kidneys in India, Cancer Diagnosis in India


DTPA Scan in India

DTPA scan is a radioactive tagged DTPA(diethylenetriamine penta-acetic acid) used to test the function of kidneys as well as find out if the problem is related to the obstruction of the urine flow in the ureters/bladder. It can also be used for checking circulation of blood through arteries of the kidney as well reflux of urine from bladder back into ureters.

DTPA Scan is a test for functional evaluation in comparison to ultrasound which is a test for structural evaluation and in combination can provide both functional and structural evaluation of kidneys and the urinary tract. DTPA is also a good test to follow up, improvement in kidney function following specific treatment.


What happens during DTPA Scan

DTPA Renal Scan may vary slightly depending on the specific information that we require about your kidneys prior to your scan. For example a blood pressure tablet or an injection called Lasix may need to be given either prior to or at some stage during the examination.
• Prior to the scan a small intravenous injection of the ‘kidney tracer’ will be injected into a vein in your arm
• The scan is started immediately
• The scan is performed with the Gamma Camera

clinical use of scan

The technique is very useful in evaluating the functioning of kidneys:
• Renal transplantation to assess the vascularity of the kidney to be transplanted and with a test dose of captopril to highlight possible renal artery stenosis in the donor's other kidney.
• To identify the cause of hypertension in patients with renal failure.








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DTPA Scan for Kidneys in India, Cancer Diagnosis in India   DTPA Scan for Kidneys in India, Cancer Diagnosis in India
DTPA Scan for Kidneys in India, Cancer Diagnosis in India   DTPA Scan for Kidneys in India, Cancer Diagnosis in India


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